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Iran's nuclear threat to America:

The shocking video every American must see  
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From a modern civilization to primitive conditions, in the blink of an eye

Iran’s nuclear program isn’t limited to the Middle East. It can reach the American heartland. Evidence is mounting that the Iranian regime is working toward a first strike capability that could launch Iranian ballistic missiles from rogue freighters off the U.S. coast. A blue-ribbon commission's report to the Congress last year ( warned that a single nuclear weapon detonated in space high above the United States could unleash a debilitating electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that could cause ruin in the U.S. from coast-to-coast. An EMP wave a million times stronger than the most powerful radio transmitter would destroy all electrical grids and the computer devices upon which our society depends. 


Ominously, in addition to turning on their nuclear enrichment program, the Iranians have been testing the launch of ballistic missiles from freighters. An EMP attack would be "catastrophic," returning America to a pre-industrial society in the blink of an eye. More below poll...


The book every American must read

America has been at war for years, but until now, it has not been clear with whom or precisely for what. And we have not been using the full resources we need to win. 

Now, the Iranian regime poses a grave threat.

With the publication of War Footing, lead-authored by Frank Gaffney, it not only becomes clear who the enemy is and how high the stakes are, but also exactly how we can prevail.

War Footing shows that we are engaged in nothing less than a War for the Free World. This is a fight to the death with Islamofascists, Muslim extremists driven by a totalitarian political ideology that, like Nazism or Communism before it, is determined to destroy freedom and the people who love it.


About the author

Frank Gaffney is one of the most thoughtful and visible national security experts of our time. He held senior positions in the Reagan Defense Department and on the staffs of leading Democratic and Republican senators.

Since he founded the Washington, D.C.- based Center for Security Policy in 1988, Mr. Gaffney and his organization have become widely recognized by policy makers, the media, and the public alike as go-to sources for timely, informed, and articulate analysis of current defense and foreign policy developments.



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